Learn 2 Calls that Barn Owl Make (2024)

Living and hunting in open meadowlands, you might think this lanky owl is easy to spot. Think again! This deadly hunter only comes out at night and is rarely spotted. The best way to find a Barn Owl is to follow their calls.

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Barn Owls will raise the hair on the back of your neck when they call out. Despite being an owl, their calls are the furthest thing from a hoot.


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Sound #1: “Harsh Scream”

This scream only lasts for 2 seconds and is typically given by the male. The male Barn Owl will ‘scream’ from the air and sometimes give softer screams to encourage females to check out a nest site.

Sound #2: Twittering

Both males and females will make this twittering call as they talk back and forth during courtship. The female will also use twittering, chirping, and other sounds to communicate with the male while she is sitting on the nest.

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