Burrowing Owl Calls ( Learn 2 common sounds)

A fascinating owl to search for is the Burrowing Owl. As the name says, these owls will not be found roosting in a tree. Instead, they will be found hanging out on the ground eating bugs.

Although fairly quiet owls, below you will learn a few of the sounds that Burrowing Owls make.

Burrowing Owl CALLS:

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Sound #1: “Hoot”

This two-note hoot is usually made by the males during mating and over territorial issues. While searching the plains for these owls, don’t confuse this two-note call with the call of a quail.

Sound #2: Raspy Warbling

This raspy warbling sound is made by young owls and adults to help protect the colony when predators are around. Other sounds Burrowing Owls might make to defend themselves are clucking, screaming, and rattling.

Have you ever heard the song and calls of a Burrowing Owl before?

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