42 Gift Ideas For People that LOVE Watching Birds! (2023)

Finding unique bird gifts and presents is VERY challenging.


And it’s especially hard if you don’t love watching birds yourself! But today, you have come to the right place.


I have put together a list of over 40 potential presents and gifts for bird lovers. 


You will find bird gifts across ALL price ranges. From CHEAP stocking stuffers to incredibly expensive and premium optics. You will even find some ideas that don’t cost a dollar. Yes, that means free!


Table of Contents:  There are over 40 unique bird-watching gift ideas listed below!


Stocking Stuffers – Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers


Most of these bird presents cost under $25!


#1. Movies, Films, and Documentaries


Seriously, who doesn’t love watching an entertaining film or an inspiring documentary about birds?


Movies make great gifts for bird lovers! Check out this below list for some ideas:


Bird Movies, Films, and Documentaries Every Birder Must Watch!    Read Now 


#2. Bird T-Shirts


There are awesome t-shirts explicitly designed for people who love birds and birding. Personally, I love wearing funny, unique, and original t-shirts that fit my personality. The perfect shirt can make an excellent gift!


#3. Gift Card to Buy Bird Apps


Watching and enjoying birds is not immune to technology. For example, just within the last few years, incredible new apps have been developed, from determining the specific birds you are watching to finding the exact locations of local birds.


Unfortunately, it can also cost a lot of money to buy new apps all the time and keep up with the latest and greatest. My recommendation is to buy an iTunes or Google Play gift card to give as a birding gift.  Then your bird lover can buy whatever bird app they want!


Purchase iTunes gift card  /  Purchase Google Play gift card


#4. Books


An inspiring, entertaining, or funny book always makes an excellent bird watching present or gift.


Read the below article for a list of books that gives options no matter what your bird lover enjoys.


#5. Magazine Subscription


Everyone likes reading magazines. Nobody likes paying the annual subscription!


Easy bird gift = Paying annual subscription.


Below are 5 of the most popular birding magazines in North America:


Bird Watchers Digest / Audubon / American Birding Association / Birdwatching


#6. Alcohol That’s Associated with a Bird


For birders that enjoy the occasional drink of alcohol, here is an easy birding gift.


Find a bottle of wine, liquor, or beer that is named after a bird or has a picture of a bird on the label.


For example:

Awesome Bird Gifts

The Bells American Amber Ale has a picture of a Great Blue Heron.


Alcohol as bird gifts

There is Wild Turkey Bourbon.


Wine as bird gifts

Or The Little Penguin wine brands.


Among many others!!


#7. External Battery for Electronics


Some portable battery is a must and has saved me many times, especially since smartphones suck up battery like a sponge.

The Solar Power Bank 26800 is what I use.  View Cost - Amazon 


#8. Microfiber to Clean Lens Glass

Useful gifts for bird watchers

For the longest time, every time my binoculars or camera lens got dirty, I never had the correct microfiber cleaning cloth available. I finally solved that problem with a simple purchase. Now I keep a few in my backpack, in my car, in my drawer…


MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths  View Price - Amazon


#9. Waterproof Notebook / Pen

Bird Watching Presents for Bird Lovers

I always carry a notebook. You never know when inspiration hits or you think of something that you want to remember. Having a durable, waterproof notebook has been a GREAT purchase.


Try this product –> Rite in the Rain Spiral Notebook. 



#10. Quality Water Bottle


So simple, yet they make such useful bird-watching gifts!


I have tried other water bottles but always seem to come back to a NalgeneView Color Options


#11. Bumper Stickers


Personally, I am not a huge fan of having a bumper sticker on my car. But for those that enjoy them, there are some hilarious birding bumper stickers available.


Here are two different sites with lots of options. Warning, you may not understand some of the puns or jokes if you are not into watching birds!


Bird Watching Bumper Stickers on Zazzle.com:   My favorite is “I want to believe” in regards to the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.


Bird Bumper Stickers at Cafepress.com


#12. Glasses, Cups, or Coffee Mugs


I think a cool gift for bird lovers is glassware. Why not smile every time you take a sip?


For example, my favorite coffee mug has some pretty impressive drawings of penguins on it.


Etsy has awesome glasses with birds on them. They come in every style, no matter what you enjoy drinking. They even have vintage stuff!


#13. Bird Friendly Coffee


There is no denying that coffee is delicious, and most people on are addicted to the stuff.  But unfortunately, a typical coffee plantation is an ecological desert that doesn’t support much wildlife.


Purchasing bird-friendly coffee is a show of support for Mother Nature and birds. It is grown on family farms that support wildlife habitats. For example, the coffee is shade-grown, which means the coffee tree grows under the shade of other trees.


And from personal experience, the coffee is delicious!!


Check out these two articles for loads more information:


#14. A Coloring Book Full of Birds


In case you didn’t know (I had no idea!), adult coloring books have become very popular.

bird watching gifts for bird lovers

View Cost - Amazon


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology joined the fun by creating an adult (or advanced kid!) coloring book with lots of pictures of popular North American birds.


Optics: Get Closer To The Birds!


No matter what any of us say, we are always yearning for the best binocular, spotting scope or camera. Premium optics can make excellent gifts for bird lovers. (Go Back to Table of Contents)


#15. Binoculars


Having quality binoculars is a necessity for anyone that loves watching birds!  They make excellent bird watching presents and come in all price ranges.


Learn more: The 8 Best Bird-Watching Binoculars!

  • This list provides binoculars from cheap to expensive ($125 – $2,600). It also has a helpful comparison chart and explains how to choose binoculars.


#16. Binocular Harness


Replacing the cheap strap that comes with most binoculars with a harness is a great birding gift. View Options


A harness is much more comfortable because it spreads the weight across your entire body. The binoculars are also much easier to grab when a bird is spotted since they are lying across your chest, instead of swinging to your side.


#17. Spotting Scopes

Nikon EDG fieldscope for birding

Spotting scopes have more powerful magnification than binoculars and allow us to watch birds from far away. I know many birders that do not own a spotting scope but wish they did!


Need help finding a good option?


Check out –> The 11 Best Spotting Scopes for Watching Birds!


#18. DSLR Camera

Birding Presents and Bird Gifts

A DSLR camera is a great birding gift idea for someone who wants to upgrade their existing camera or start taking pictures of the birds they are observing.


Photography is a natural extension for many birders. Many people consider themselves a photographer first and a bird lover second, others are the opposite.


Read More –> The 7 Best DSLR Cameras for Wildlife Photography.


If they already own a camera, think of accessories or lenses they don’t own as a potential gift. Photography is an expensive hobby, and photographers are always looking to upgrade their gear!


#19. Tripod


A functional and quality tripod makes an excellent birding gift.


A tripod gives a sturdy place to rest a spotting scope or camera (even binoculars!) to steady your view while looking at birds.


Make sure that the tripod and optic are compatible!  View Tripods


#20. Trail Camera

Presents for people who like birds

Trail cameras take pictures or videos (depending on the settings) any time an animal walks in front of the camera and trips the sensor. I have found they are entertaining for anyone that loves the outdoors and nature and make unique bird-watching gifts.


I love playing around with my trail camera.  It is so much fun to check the pictures to see what has been walking around just outside.


Here is the trail camera I am using: Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera


#21. Set Up a Live, Streaming Bird Cam


Have you seen my live bird feeding cameras?

This would be a unique bird-watching gift! You can help your loved one broadcast their bird feeding station to the world or help them watch the birds up close inside their home.


Backyard Bird Gifts


Watching birds in your backyard is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Providing products or solutions that help to create an ideal habitat makes excellent bird gifts. Go Back to the Top


#22. Bird House or Nestbox

Beach Bird House

Giving a birdhouse will always be a great present! And there is no shortage of birdhouses for sale online and in local stores.


Here is a fun idea:


Build a birdhouse!

This would be a fun activity to complete together! You can create a memory AND provide a birding gift. 


There are thousands of different plans available online to build birdhouses! Please don’t get overwhelmed.


#23. Bird Feeder


Bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes and from cheap to expensive.


Before selecting your present, try to determine the birds that your bird lover likes to see the most and wants to attract.


A hummingbird feeder is much different than a finch feeder or a general feeder that attracts multiple species.


#24. Bird Bath


Birdbaths can make excellent presents for bird lovers! Most people tend to have a bird feeder of some kind, but surprisingly many backyard bird habitats are missing water!


There are many options available. Some are very stylish and also make great decorations for the home garden. 


My recommendation is to buy a birdbath that keeps the water warm in the winter! When temperatures drop below freezing is when birds have the hardest time finding water. It’s nice to be there when the birds need water most.


Seriously, check out this hawk that visited my heated birdbath last winter:


Or buy a small heater to put in an existing bird bathView Heater 


#25. NATIVE Bird-Friendly Plants, Trees, or Flowers


Creating a bird-friendly backyard is not complete without having natural food, shelter, and nesting places.


Most birders also enjoy plants and gardening, so it’s like providing two bird gifts! And having a backyard full of native plants usually increases the amount of total amount of wildlife you will see. (Butterflies, squirrels, deer, etc.)

Audubon has a helpful search tool to help find plants for your specific area. It can be filtered by what kind of plant you desire or bird you want to attract.


I also recommend talking to your local nursery for their expertise. Just explain that you only want native plants and are trying to attract birds and other wildlife.


#26. Bird Food Shaped Like…Birdsbest gifts for backyard bird lovers


For those of us that love feeding birds in our backyard, getting a huge bag of sunflower seed, nyjer seed, or peanuts are much appreciated. Unfortunately, many gift-givers don’t find it very exciting to purchase bird food as a gift.


To meet halfway, you may want to purchase a birdseed cylinder that has been shaped into an animal, character, shape, or ornament. They are a lot of fun! My daughter got me one for a gift this past Christmas.


These masses of seed are held together by gelatin, which makes the birds work harder to get their food. The birds can’t eat the seeds until they dislodge them, which gives us more time to observe!


Bird Art to Decorate Their Home


Finding beautiful or stylish decorations can make unique bird gifts. The hardest part is finding something that is not tacky, and they will actually want to show off in their house! (Go Back to Table of Contents)


#27. Paintings

Audubon Prints as Bird Gifts

Displaying a unique painting is interesting, fulfilling, and a great talking point.


Some of my favorite bird paintings are Audubon prints. I have a few hanging in my office.


Also, try going to a local art festival and finding a piece from someone in your community. That way, you have an original! Check out this tool that searches for regional art fairs in the United States and Canada.


#28. Bird Identification Poster


I have a few posters hanging around my office that are bird identification charts. They are incredibly interesting, and I find myself gazing at them all the time!


The best part is there are many different options and styles; from backyard birds to owls to hummingbirds.

Unique Bird Watching Gifts

Amazon has a nice selection to browse!  View Bird Posters


#29. Photographs


I have two thoughts regarding photographs for bird gifts.


1. Find and purchase a photograph from a talented photographer.


2. Take a personal photograph and turn it into an art piece.


Here is what I mean:

Common Loon bird gift

I had taken a picture of a Common Loon from my kayak. My friend took that photo and had it converted into a large canvas that is now hung in our house.


What an unforgettable bird gift!!


For help, check out Shutterfly: You can create memory books, calendars, canvas art, and much more!


#30. Bird Statues


Many people have bird statues and figurines scattered throughout their houses. It’s not my particular cup of tea, but it was worth mentioning.


Etsy seems to have a HUGE selection of bird statues to give as presents. It looks like hundreds of different types available, from mass-produced to individually crafted.


Birding Vacations and Travel


Almost everyone loves to travel to new places! Whether it’s to the next county over or the other side of the world, seeing new birds and having memorable experiences is exciting! (Go Back to Top)


Incorporating travel plans into your birding gift could be the most memorable present you can give!


#31. Birding Tour to An Exotic Location

Bird Watching Tour During Holidays

Many reputable and ethical tour companies support eco-tourism. They operate across the entire world and on every continent. 


And the best part about this birding gift? You get to buy yourself a ticket alongside them! ☺


Many companies specialize in traveling to exotic locations to see birds. Some tours are extreme (birding from dawn until dusk), and others are more laid back which include many other activities a non-bird lover may enjoy. Please ask around and do extensive research. 


To find an incredible trip perfect for you, try reading this post:


#32. Attend a Bird Watching Festival


These events are enjoyable and bring lots of birders and bird lovers together. The typical agenda of a bird festival is lots of guided birding tours in the local area, guest speakers on different topics and a vendor area to check out the latest and greatest stuff.


Bird Watcher’s Digest has a great search tool to find festivals and fairs near you! It specializes in the United States and Canada but has options internationally. 


#33. Annual Pass to the National Parks

National Parks Pass as Gifts for Bird Lovers

There are over 50 national parks and 500 national refuges in the United States, and they all have birds in them!


Get your outdoor adventurer and bird lover a national park annual pass! It is a unique gift and will save them money and encourage more traveling.


FREE Bird Watching Gift Ideas!


These ideas for birding presents should not cost ANY money. (Go Back to Start)


#34. Give the Precious Gift of Time to Watch Birds


It doesn’t matter how much money you have; you can’t buy more time. So many of us are scrambling around every day going to work, watching our kids or taking care of the endless “To Do” list of obligations. Most of the time birding gets pushed to the end of the list of things to do.


It can be powerful to give the gift of time to go birding.


Do something to help take care of their regular responsibilities and free up their schedule. Some examples include babysitting their children, mowing the lawn, filling in at work, etc. Get creative!


#35. Schedule Time to Go Birding With Them


Presents for Bird Lovers

My guess is that you are buying a bird gift for someone else, but bird watching is not your favorite thing? Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article for ideas. 🙂


I think it’s special to show a willingness to participate and learn about another hobby just for the sake of someone else.


My recommendation is to put a time on the calendar and say, “This is the day we are going birding together. I want to learn more.”


Take the initiative! Be open to learning about bird watching; you may find you have a new hobby. This may be the most meaningful gift for birders on this list! I know I would appreciate this. 


#36. Secretly Learn About Birds and Surprise Them With Your Knowledge!

Gifts for Bird Lovers

How cool would this be!!?? Without them knowing, try learning 20 of the most common species of birds in your area by sight and sound. Ask them to take a walk and then blow them away with your new knowledge.


I can just imagine you saying…


“Was that a Northern Cardinal I just heard? Wow, I can’t believe how active the Blue Jays are up in that tree!”


My recommendation is to use a website like Quizlet to find flashcards of common birds in your location. Then use the Larkwire app or website to learn those bird sounds and songs.


#37. Make a Craft


When it comes to making crafts, I don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge! But I hear they can be made for free (or very cheap)!


For example, my wife and daughter recently made a wreath using birdseed and a pie tray (and a few other ingredients). They had fun making it, and the wreath was an excellent gift for me. Plus, the birds devoured it!

Making crafts as a great bird gift


If you need suggestions, Pinterest is going to have many more ideas than I could ever give.


Selfless Giving


Some bird lovers would rather have their money and time go toward the greater good.


Here are some unique bird gift ideas for them. (Go Up to Beginning)


#38. Donate to a Bird Charity or Conservation Group


Donate to a charity or conservation organization in the name of your bird lover. Here are some of the most prominent charities that do a lot of good for birds and animals;

Bird Life International  / American Bird Conservancy / World Wildlife Fund / Wildlife Conservation Network / Audubon


Think Local! There are countless numbers of local charities and organizations doing a lot of great things too! Do some research to find one that is worth your investment.


It may just be easiest to ask the recipient of this gift where they would like to see the money go. They probably already have a favorite charity or organization.


#39. Adopt a Bird

Adopt a Penguin Bird Watching Gift

Please note that this is a symbolic adoption; you won’t be going to a rescue center and surprising your friend with an actual bird as a gift!


This is more like sponsoring a bird. You provide money and receive information about the specific bird that you have supported. I have been given this gift before in the form of adopting a penguin for the year. It’s fun and makes unique bird gifts.


Here are just a few examples of different species you can support and adopt:

Snowy Owl / Emperor Penguin / Macaw / Flamingo / Brown Pelican


#40. Volunteer Together


Find a local organization and devote time to either helping birds or restoring habitat.


I would contact your local park (city, state, or national) to get some ideas or a local bird organization (like an Audubon chapter).


Just tell them you want to help local birds, wildlife, and habitat, and see what they recommend!


#41. Project FeederWatch

Best Bird Gifts for Bird Lovers

Anyone that feeds birds in their backyard should participate in Project FeederWatch. It’s a citizen science project that monitors and counts the birds that visit your backyard feeders in winter. FeederWatch data help scientists track broadscale movements of winter bird populations and long-term trends in bird distribution and abundance.


The annual cost to participate is $18, which covers the cost of materials and the annual report that is sent every year.


Give the Gift of Membership Today!


#42. Clothing, Shoes, Hats, and Gear


(Go Back Up to Table of Contents)


This section is dedicated to everyone that likes to head outside to watch birds! As you can imagine, Mother Nature rarely cooperates. It’s usually hot, cold, wet or humid.


Having great clothing and gear can make all the difference.


Many people (including myself) are very cheap when it comes to spending money on clothes. Getting something that will last a long time AND is comfortable would make an excellent bird watching gift.


Here are some ideas. You will need to do some more shopping and research depending on the exact needs of your bird lover.


  • Hiking Socks:
    • Make sure the material is not cotton!
    • I have lighter, thinner pairs for summer. Thicker, warmer pairs for winter.
  • Breathable hiking shirts:
    • Under Armour famously put in our heads – “Cotton is the enemy.” I couldn’t agree more, whether it’s hot or cold weather.
    • Avoid bright colors. It tends to scare birds away!
  • Winter jacket:
    • Make sure it’s one that lets you move!
  • Light jacket for brisk mornings.
  • Hats:
    • Both for winter and summer
  • Sunglasses


Help me add more of the BEST gifts for bird watching!


I did my best to come up with this list of great presents for bird lovers, but I want to keep improving it!


What were some unique bird gifts you have given (or received) recently?


(Go Back to Top)


Please use the comments below! Thanks for sharing and visiting.


Happy birding!



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  1. A neat bird art gift option I discovered is Hawk and Warbler art from this Etsy store. I bought their Warblers of the Eastern US poster for myself and a friend (tho not seeing it now–maybe sold out?). Anyway, lovely stylized bird art for sale. Etsy store: alexlehnerart.

  2. Mosquitoes are the worst. I bought a mesh jacket with hood that goes over your face and pants. They draw string close around wrists and ankles. Now I can watch the birds and not get annoyed. Worked like a charm. My family did laugh a bit as I do look a a bit comical but hey I’m bite free with it on. Both pieces on Amazon for around 30 bucks. It worked great for summer meteor watching too!! Love all the great info and tips. And funny too!! Thank you. Oh btw I found a great bird feeder pole system on Etsy for about 140 dollars. For the first time ever the squirrels can’t get to my feeders!! It’s made of PVC piping and they slide right down. I hope the guy patents his design. You just have to make sure your feeders aren’t long tube feeders or hang too low because as you know those little 🤬can jump 4 feet up.