Black Phoebe Calls (Learn 3 sounds)

Living mainly in Mexico and the southwest United States, the Black Phoebe can be identified by its sooty black back and brilliantly white belly.

They live in open forests and like to make their mud nests on the sides of buildings and cliffs. As flycatchers, they spend their days chasing insects but have been known to go after minnows in the water.


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Sound #1: ‘Tee-hee Tee-hoo’

It almost sounds like the Black Phoebe is slowly laughing as it sings its song. Males can go on and on singing this phrase while it defends its territory and tries to attract females for mating.

Sound #2: ‘Teer’

When chasing a mate or an intruder, you may hear this call or a slightly longer version. Once she has chosen him, he may use a soft wheezing call to communicate with her.

Speaking of female choice, a male will show off all the great spots for a nest on his territory and the female will decide which one she likes best.

Sound #3: “Tsip

This quiet ‘tsip‘ call can be given by a male or female. Black Phoebes call ‘tsip‘ when they are flying, foraging, or interacting with a predator.

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