White-throated Sparrow Calls (Learn 4 common sounds)

Found across much of North America, the White-throated Sparrow has a song that is easy to identify once you know it.

white throated sparrow pic

White-throated Sparrow SONGS AND CALLS:

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Sound #1: ‘Old-Sam-Peabody-Peabody

If you are any good at whistling, give the White-throated Sparrow song a try. Males will sing this song year-round as they protect their territory during the winter and look for mates during the summer. I have always found this mnemonic a good one to use when in the bushes birding.

Sound #2: ‘Oh-Sweet-Canada-Canada’

Since the White-throated Sparrow’s breeding grounds are mainly in Canada, it is no surprise that one of the mnemonics for these birds is singing about Canada. Also, notice how White-throated Sparrow songs can go up or down in pitch. Many females even sing to protect their territory.

Sound #3: ‘Tink’ Calls

To my surprise, these cute little sparrows are actually pretty aggressive, and most of the White-throated Sparrow calls have something to do with that aggression. This ‘tink‘ call can come as an alarm or from an agitated bird. When agitated, the White-throated Sparrow will raise its crown feathers and start flicking its tail.

Sound #4: ‘tseep‘ Call

Lasting about 2 seconds, the ‘Tseep‘ call can be a call for courtship or a call of aggression, depending on the environment. One summer, I observed a White-throated Sparrow notice his reflection in my window. He became aggressive about it and would do this call, along with puffing up his body and spreading out his wings all day long.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a White-throated Sparrow?

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