Canada Goose Calls (Learn 4 common sounds)

It is almost guaranteed that if you have been in North America, you have seen a Canada Goose or, more likely, a gang of Canada Geese. These large birds made an amazing comeback after reaching the brink of extinction in the early 1900s and since then have become nuisance birds to golf courses, farmers, and manicured lawns.

canada goose

To the untrained ear, it sounds like the Canada Goose calls are all the same. This, however, is untrue. Each call is unique and can mean many different things, including threats, warnings, greetings, and more.

Canada Goose CALLS:

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Sound #1: Flight Call

Typically heard in spring and fall is the honk of the Canada Goose flying over. Although many Canada Geese choose not to migrate anymore, you can still hear their flying call as they travel to new food sources or a different water source.

Sound #2: Territorial Call

Canada Geese are well known for being an aggressive bird. They give this call as a warning. If the threat does not back down, the goose will become increasingly more aggressive, hissing, wing beating, biting, and chasing the threat.

Sound #3: Casual Honking

Heading out to a pond, you may hear this Canada Goose call as they are enjoying their time in the water. Both male and female geese will give various calls to warn others if they are getting too close.

Sound #4: Younger Canada Geese Calling

Canada Geese, like humans, have a voice drop as they mature. You can hear in this clip of mixed-age geese the teenagers and pre-teens calling out. Goslings (baby geese) make a very cute peep sound.

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