Great Egret Calls (Learn 3 Common Sounds)

If you happen to spot an all-white-looking Great Blue Heron, chances are you have spotted a Great Egret. Slightly smaller, the Great Egret is a magnificent bird that has a long neck and wades in the water to fish.

If you are ever questioning it, the Great Egret call will definitely confirm any possible sightings you have.

great egret

Great Egret CALLS:

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Sound #1: Dry Croaking

Sounding like dinosaurs, the Great Egrets call is made up of dry croaking and nasal squeaking sounds. They will use these calls during the mating season to establish territories and develop bonds between mates.

Sound #2: Group Communication

You can hear in this clip a group of Great Egrets and all the various calls they make with one another. These calls can mean a number of different things, from creating bonding moments for pairs to defending a nesting site.

Sound #3: Nestling Calls

Even as chicks, the Great Egrets do not sound cute and cuddly. Their calls are harsh and loud, but their call isn’t the only thing that isn’t cuddly. It is common in the Great Egret nest that chicks will participate in siblicide, where the older chicks kill a younger chick. This typically happens during years when resources are scarce.

I rarely see Great Egrets in my area, but listening to their calls, all I can think of is the Great Egret gargling rocks in that long neck of theirs. 

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a Great Egret before? What do you think they sound like?

If so, please let us know below!

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