Cedar Waxwing Calls (Learn 3 common sounds)

Looking taller and slim, the Cedar Waxing is one of my favorite birds. Cedar Waxwings get their names from the waxy bits on their wings. What I find most fascinating about the wax is that scientists are unsure of the purpose of it but believe it may have something to do with attracting mates.

Cedar Waxwing CALLS:

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Sound #1: Whistle

Cedar Waxwing calls are high-pitched and sometimes hard to hear over the noise of the world. This high pitched whistle can sound like the bird is sighing. It is usually about a half-second long and can rise in pitch. Keep an ear out when around fruit trees, as fruit is the main part of the Cedar Waxwing diet.

Sound #2: Trill

Another common call heard from the Cedar Waxwing is this trilling ‘bzeee‘. Living throughout most of North America, it is common to find these birds in open woodlands and foraging in fruit trees.

Sound #3: Flock Call

Hearing a large flock of Cedar Waxwings calling can be exciting and overwhelming. Listen carefully to the flock as you watch because Cedar Waxwings and Bohemian Waxwings will flock together. These flocks can be close to a hundred individuals.

These incredible birds are a lot of fun to hear and spot in the fall as they flock around berry trees gorging themselves before winter.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a Cedar Waxwing before?

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