Common Raven Sounds (Learn 5 Calls)

The Common Raven might not be much to look at, but their calls are pretty amazing.

Living in various habitats and acting as opportunistic feeders, Common Ravens are well-known in the Northern Hemisphere.

common raven

Common Raven CALLS:

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Sound #1: Grating Croak

If you watch a Common Raven long enough, you are bound to hear this call from them. Notice when they give this call how they push their head forward and puff up their chest all to make this grating croak. That habit is unique to the Common Raven.

Sound #2: Gurgling Croak

To tell the difference between a Common Raven call and a crows call, listen for a more bubbly rising pitch, which is the Common Raven. Crow have a very scratchy non non-musical caw.

Sound #3: Woodpecker Mimic

Scientists have placed Common Raven calls into 33 different sound categories. That fact alone can show the intelligence level of the Common Raven.

Ravens have been known to mimic other animals, like above, and even human words. I once knew a Raven trained to take donations and mimic the words ‘thank you’ to guests each time.

Sound #4: Knocking Call

This call sounds like someone is knocking and is typically made by the dominant female. She will repeat this loud knocking sound about 12 times, each one lasting about a second long.

Common Raven pairs will fiercely defend their territories year-round since they don’t migrate.

If a younger Raven finds food, like a carcass, in the territory of dominant ravens, the younger bird will announce this find to all others. This will create a flock too large for the dominant Ravens to chase off, thus allowing everyone to eat before leaving.

Sound #5: Shrill Call

Common Ravens are very territorial. If they sense a predator or another raven trespassing, they will give out this shrill call to warn the intruder to turn back.

Common Ravens can make a slew of calls for you to listen for. They are not always the easiest bird to identify by call alone but it is possible when you rule out the other possibilities.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a Common Raven before?

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