Gray Catbird Sounds (Learn 4 Calls)

Named for its cat-like call, the Gray Catbird likes to live in open woodlands and nest in shrubs.

These birds are easy to identify because they are gray all over, with a black cap on the head and rusty tail feathers on their bottoms.


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Sound #1: Gray Catbird Song

Gray Catbird songs can be intimidating to learn at first because they like to mimic notes from other birds. They are related to the mockingbird, but unlike the mockingbird, it is rare for the Gray Catbird to repeat phrases within its songs.

Listen for a Gray Catbird song to pause frequently and to last a really long time.

Sound #2: Mimic of Goldfinch

If I heard this song, I would need visual confirmation to identify the bird because, to me, it sounds like a goldfinch calling. This is, indeed, two Gray Catbirds singing with each other.

Both male and female can sing but females choose to rarely do so, when they do sing it is typically very quiet.

Sound #3: ‘Mew’ Call

At about the 15-second mark, you will hear something that could be a cat with a bad voice, but it is actually a Gray Catbird call.

Sound #4: ‘chek-chek’

A call of agitation, this ‘chek-chek‘ call can be used over territorial disputes, food issues, or predators in the area. Again, both males and females can make this call, but females may be slightly quieter than males.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a Gray Catbird before?

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