Cooper’s Hawk Calls (Learn 3 Common Sounds!)

During most of the year, Cooper’s Hawks (Accipiter cooperii) are silent. But during the breeding season, they become quite vocal! It’s common to hear them in residential areas since they are commonly seen near bird feeders hunting birds. Below, you are going to learn THREE calls and sounds that Cooper’s Hawks make. Ok, let’s get started! 

coopers hawk calls and sounds

Cooper’s Hawk Calls:

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Sound #1: kac-kac-kac

Their most common sound from a Cooper’s Hawk is a loud, piercing “kac-kac-kac” call. Both sexes make this sound during courtship and when defending the nest. 

In general, males sound less raspy, higher pitched and faster-paced than females, but this isn’t always true. 

Sound #2: kik

The second call these raptors make is a loud, single note “kik.” The “kik” call is mostly used by males when displaying or bringing food to the nest. Females may use it when looking for their mate. 

Sound #3: whaaa

The “whaa” sound happens 29 seconds into the audio recording above.

Lastly, females may be heard giving a “whaaa” call. This noise is typically heard when the male appears with food at the nest. 

Similar Sounds:

The call of a Cooper’s Hawk is sometimes confused with a Sharp Shinned Hawk. If you listen closely, a Sharp Shinned Hawk (kik-kik-kik) will sound higher pitched. You can listen to a Sharp-shinned Hawk here to compare.

Watch the short video below to hear more examples of the calls, sounds, and noises from a Cooper’s Hawk.

YouTube video


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