Eastern Bluebird Calls (Learn 3 common sounds)

The Eastern Bluebird is a sight to be seen with its bright blue feathers and rusty belly. Although some people consider these birds to be rare, they typically think that because the Eastern Bluebird rarely visits bird feeders.

Learning the Eastern Bluebird call will help you to find these birds when others aren’t looking for them.

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Eastern Bluebird Songs and CALLS:

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SOUND #1: Males Warbling Song

Typically sung by the males, this 1-3 noted song is used for a variety of moments in an Eastern Bluebird’s life. The main reason a male sings this warble is to attract a mate.

A male may also sing a softer version to his mate while she lays eggs.

Finally, a female will sing a harsher version of this sing if predators are located in the area.

SOUND #2: “tu-a-wee”

The call you will likely use to find Eastern Bluebirds is their “tu-a-wee” call. Given year round, this fairly short call is used to communicate with other bluebirds.

The “tu-a-wee” call can be used to warn other Eastern Bluebirds that they are getting too close. It can also be used by parents to signal they are returning to the nest with food.

SOUND #3 “chit-chit-chit”

Another Eastern Bluebird call is this rather simple chit sound. This can be used in two different ways. A female may use a soft sounding chit when a courting male is nearby. It can also be used by nervous birds when a predator is approaching.

Finally, an Eastern Bluebird may clack its bill at you or predators, or other birds entering its territory. They will even dive bomb in an attempt to scare off the intruder.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of an Eastern Bluebird before?

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