Common Grackle Calls (Learn 4 Common Sounds)

Living throughout a large part of North America, the Common Grackle does not get enough credit for its uniqueness. Common Grackles are seen as pests and annoyances, but their gorgeous coloring, resourcefulness, and unique calls make them a bird worthy of learning about.

how to keep grackles away from bird feeders

Known to travel in large flocks, Common Grackles can sometimes reach millions of individuals within one flock. This can lead to them driving people nuts with their calls.

Common Grackle Songs and CALLS:

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Sound #1: “Readle-eak”

This guttural sound is the Common Grackle song, sung by both males and females. If you can’t hear the “readle-eak” in this song, think of it instead as sounding like a rusty gate opening.

Sound# 2:

By adding in croaks, whistles, and squeaks, Common Grackles can create a unique one-second song for themselves. Keep in mind this will not make it harder to identify Common Grackle songs because their sounds are still so unique.

Sound #3: “Chitip” Call

Listening to this clip, you may be able to understand why Common Grackles are considered annoying. But all of these “chitip” calls are important for grackles within their large flocks.

Sound #4: Calls within a flock

Lastly, in this clip, you can hear how males and females call within a flock. You can also once again hear how loud a flock can be and disrupting to everyday life.

Have you heard the calls and sounds of a Common Grackle before?

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