Long-eared Owl Calls (Learn their 3 SOUNDS)

Long-eared owls are typically identified by their tall ear tufts that stand up on either side of their head. As nocturnal hunters, they like to sleep hidden against the trunks of trees, making them almost impossible to spot. Knowing their three calls will help you locate which tree they are roosting in.

Below, you are going to learn how to identify the CALLS, SOUNDS, and HOOTS of a Long Eared Owl. These raptors are heard across North America in forested habitats.

Long-eared OWL CALLS:

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Sound #1: The whooo

The Long Eared Owl’s ‘whooo’ sound is only heard during breeding season when males start giving a series of 10-200 evenly spaced ‘whoo’s. This song is compared to the sound a human can create by blowing into a large bottle. But unlike the human sound, Long Eared Owl’s ‘whooo’ can be heard over a half mile away.

Sound #2: The Nest Call

This nest call is typically made by female Long-eared owls and is higher pitched than the male advertising songs. The female nest call is compared to the sound of a bleating lamb.

Sound #3: Barks

Both sexes can produce a variety of alarm calls, like this barking sound in the clip above. Other sounds include squeals and a gruff cat-like meow.

During courtship, both sexes are known to snap their bills producing a loud popping sound and snap their wings together.

Have you ever heard the calls and sounds of a Long Eared Owl before?

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