Short-Eared Owl Calls (THREE SOUNDS)

Head off to an open field at dawn or dusk and start searching for an erratically low-flying bird. That would be the Short-Eared Owl. This bright-eyed owl makes use of strip-mined land by reclaiming the land for nesting, allowing them to nest further South.

Short-Eared OWL CALLS:

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Sound #1: “Hoots”

Given as a series of hoots by the male, this song is used for courtship. The male will hoot while flying from the ground or perched on a branch.

Sound #2: “The Bark”

This barking-like noise is a distress call that both males and females may utter. Barking can be used when defending the nest, along with screams or whines.

Sound #3: Wing Slaps

This rapid slapping sound is the Short-Eared Owls wings slapping together. Both sexes will do this while in flight.

Have you ever heard the calls and sounds of a Short-Eared Owl before?

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