Northern Saw-Whet Owl Calls (Learn their 2 sounds)

Although small with a cat-like face, these owls have attitude and are terrifying to mice. Northern Saw-Whet owls are found across North America in densely forested areas. They nest in tree cavities, but you can attract them by setting up an owl nesting box too.

The female owl will incubate and brood her chicks until the youngest one is 18 days old, she will then find a new place to roost. The male will continue his role of bringing food, and the siblings help to feed each other.

Northern Saw-Whet OWL CALLS:

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Sound #1: “Too Too Too”

This song sounds rather simple but can have various meanings to the Saw-Whet Owl. This song, sung at about two notes per second, can be males announcing their territory or males announcing their presence. This “too too too’ song can be given by females during courtship too.

Sound #2: Loud Squeak

It is amazing that such a loud and (sometimes scary) sound can come out of such a small owl, but nonetheless, it does. This loud ‘squeak’ is included as one of their many calls. The other calls have been described as barks, whines, guttural sounds, and whines.

Northern Saw-Whet Owls will also snap their bills if they are approached or feel threatened. 

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