4 BEST Window Bird Feeders Working For Me! (2024)

Window bird feeders are incredibly entertaining!

best window bird feeders

My wife regularly snaps me back to reality while I’m in the kitchen because I’m always staring outside! But it’s just incredible to see our backyard birds so close. If I move slowly, I can easily get right next to the window to see their beautiful plumage, unique beaks, or even the color of their eyes.

And one of the best parts about window bird feeders is they are even exciting for people who don’t love watching birds! For example, my wife (who supports my hobby but otherwise wouldn’t have eight bird feeders in her yard) is always giving me updates about what is happening at the window while I’m away. I get text messages telling me the blackbirds are fighting, the goldfinches have eaten all the sunflower seeds, etc.

Since hanging up window bird feeders has been so much fun, I thought I would share some things that I have learned:

Below are the 4 BEST window bird feeders I’ve used:

  • In addition, make sure to head to the bottom, where I share some things I have learned to help minimize any frustration!

#1: Aspects Cafe Window Feeder

the best window bird feeders

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  • The perching area where the birds eat is small.

    • Only two birds can feed on the Aspects Window Feeder at a time. But the benefit of this is that birds can’t sit directly on top of their food, which prevents any birds from defecating on it and inside the tray (this is a problem in feeder #2 below).
  • This plastic body that holds food is simple to remove, clean, and refill!

    • See the picture below. The hopper slides right out while the roof stays suctioned to the window.

aspects cafe window bird feeder

Photo Courtesy of AspectsInc.com
  • The design helps to dissuade larger birds.

    • Since the roof hangs over the feeding trays, there is not a lot of vertical area for larger birds to land and feed. European Starlings cause the most problems with my window bird feeders (they eat all the food and scare away the smaller birds), and this Aspects feeder is their least favorite. It’s hard for them to squeeze their body onto the tray and still eat (but trust me, they still visit this one if the others are empty).
  • There is no plastic blocking my view of the birds from inside.

    • As the birds are feeding, you get a very clear view. For example, look at window feeder #2 below. As the birds feed, you have to see through plastic, so it’s not as great of a view.
  • The roof is sloped.

    • Having a sloped roof prevents birds from perching on top and defecating all over the feeder. Plus, it’s very entertaining watching the goldfinches TRY to land on top only to slide off.
YouTube video
  • Strong suction.

    • The roof easily attaches to windows with the three suction cups. No issues with the feeder falling off the window.
  • Aspects is well respected.

    • It’s made in America by a company that is known for its quality products and customer service. Made with UV-stabilized polycarbonate and backed by their Lifetime Guarantee.

#2: JCS Wildlife Acrylic Window Bird Feeder

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  • Secure attachment to my window.

    • Window bird feeders are notoriously hard to keep attached. I have had no issues with this feeder, as the four suction cups do an excellent job.
  • The inside tray is removable.

    • I don’t have to take the entire feeder off the window to clean or refill it with food. I just have to take out the tray that sits inside the plastic shelter. If you don’t decide to take the tray out, it’s a bit awkward to refill with seed because of the roof overhang.

natures hangout window bird feeder tray

  • Ability to feed different types of bird food.

    • The tray insert has a divider in the middle, which makes it easy to offer different types of food without mixing them. Typically, I put sunflower kernels on one side and peanut pieces on the other.
  • The bird food stays (somewhat) dry.

    • First, it has a roof over the bird food, which prevents most rain and snow. And just in case any water does hit the food, there are many small drain holes in the bottom for immediate drainage.

  • Large feeding area.

    • I have seen as many as three different species and six individual birds feeding at once!

#3. Woodlink Window Feeder Hangar

Best Window Feeders for Birds

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By utilizing a hook with suction cups, you can hang almost ANY small bird feeder from your window. This means you can continuously experiment and change the feeder and food being offered.

Here is something else I love about this window feeder hanger:

It doesn’t leave a mess on my window!

Since bird feeders that attach directly to the window with suction cups are so close, bits of seed waste tend to accumulate on the glass. Typically every few weeks, I have to clean the window surrounding the feeder.

Using a window hanger sets the bird feeder about 6 inches away from the window. Most of the waste falls to the ground instead of getting stuck on the window.

Here are examples of three bird feeders that I have used with my window hangar, along with some of the different birds that each one has attracted. For the record, the window hangar is advertised as holding up to 4 pounds (1.8 kg)!

window bird feeders

A. Droll Yankees Metal Mesh Feeder

By filling with a mixture of suet nuggets and peanut pieces, it’s common to see Downy Woodpeckers and Carolina Wrens.

B. Perky Pet Finch Feeder

Using Nyjer seed attracts goldfinches, which provide endless entertainment as they cling all over the sides.

C. Perky Pet Metal Tube Feeder

This small, classic tube feeder works great hanging from a window. Filling it with sunflower kernels and peanut pieces attracts many different birds, including Black-capped Chickadees, House Finches, and American Goldfinches.

#4. Aspects Window Hummingbird Feeder


Best Window Hummingbird Feeder

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In my opinion, this is the BEST window HUMMINGBIRD feeder available!

  • The red lid unhinges easily.

    • It’s easy to take the top off to clean and refill with nectar.
window feeder for birdsPhoto Courtesy of AspectsInc.com


  • The nectar does not leak.

    • Because of its simple dish design, the nectar stays inside the tray and does not make your window sticky and gross. For the record, it holds 8 oz.
  • Strong suction.

    • I’ve had no issues with the feeder sticking to my window with the two suction cups. I think it helps that it’s so small and light.
  • Comfortable for hummingbirds to use.

    • It includes a perch around the three feeding ports for the hummingbirds to land on while they eat.

hummingbird window feeders

  • Ant moat.

    • If ants are a problem, it includes a moat that insects can’t cross when filled with water! This can be detached if desired.
  • Aspects is well respected.

    • Their bird feeders are made in America and are known for their excellent product quality and customer service. Made with sturdy polycarbonate and backed by their Lifetime Guarantee.
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7 Tips For Success with Window Bird Feeders

Did I mention that window bird feeders make excellent gifts???

Tip #1. Create a strong suction to the window!

YouTube video

Nothing can ruin the joyful experience of a window feeder than having it constantly fall off the window. To help prevent this from happening, make sure that you clean the window. Nothing sticks to dirt, so wipe the window down with water only. Don’t use soap, as this can mess with the suction.

Next, apply a little oil to the suction cups. Typically, I just use the natural oil from my face. I take my finger and wipe it on the side of my nose or my forehead. Don’t use water because once it evaporates, your suction cups will lose their grip and fall.

Also, make sure that the suction cups are warm when you attach them because they will stick much better. During winter, I will bring the feeder inside to let it warm up before trying to connect it to the window.

Tip #2. Use your bird’s favorite foods in your window feeders.

This is especially true if you have other bird feeders scattered in your backyard.

Imagine for a second that you are a bird deciding on where to eat your next meal. It’s much easier to just eat from the bird feeders near the woods. It takes a lot of courage to fly up next to a window to feed. You need to get them some incentives!

For example, my window bird feeders are full of high-quality sunflower kernels. They love the stuff! To help entice birds to visit my window feeders, I fill them with shelled sunflower seeds, while making sure any other bird feeders around the yard are not. If my backyard birds want the easiest and best meal, they HAVE to come to my window. 🙂

Tip #3. Deter House Sparrows and European Starlings.

At first, it’s exciting to see any bird coming to your window to use your new feeders. You’re excited that they are attracting birds! But then the House Sparrows and European Starlings quickly become a nuisance.

I have come to realize that these two invasive species can easily dominate your window bird feeders by eating the majority of the food and keeping the birds you want to see away.

Here is an excellent strategy to help deter them:

Both House Sparrows and starlings love cracked corn, so I feed them as much and as far away as possible.

At the back of my yard and away from other bird feeders, I set up a large tube feeder filled with cracked corn. This lets these birds fill up on cheap corn and seems to help keep them away from my windows!

Tip #4. Don’t use a window bird feeder near the most popular room.

As you can imagine, if birds see a lot of activity happening inside your house, they are going to be skittish and scared.

If possible, try to put your bird feeder on a window that you don’t have to walk past often.

Tip #5. Help birds find your new window feeders.

A big issue with window feeders is that birds never find them and don’t use them.

Don’t worry; this is a common problem and one that I had to overcome! Most birds are not familiar with feeding on a window feeder, so you have to help train them.

Here is what worked for me:

I took my blue metal tube feeder and filled it with sunflower kernels. Then I placed it among my other bird feeders in my backyard feeding station.

This taught the birds that the bright blue feeder offered delicious food! From there, I moved it to hang from my back kitchen window. Almost immediately, the birds recognized the blue tube by sight and followed. And from there, they easily found my other window bird feeders.

Another tip is to scatter lots of bird food on the ground beneath the window feeders. Once this food is gone, the hope is they will search the surrounding area for more food.

And most of all, please be patient! It may take birds a few weeks to find and start using the feeders on your windows.

Tip #6. Place your window bird feeder over grass or mulch. 

This may not be possible, but it sure helps to avoid a mess!

Birds naturally are going to spill some of the food and leave droppings behind. If your window feeder is over a deck or patio, then you are going to have to clean up underneath periodically.

Tip #7. Avoid window collisions.

Many people recommend purchasing and applying stickers around the feeders on your windows to help prevent any bird-glass collisions.

Personally, I have never once had a bird collide with the windows that hang my bird feeders.

Most bird-feeding enthusiasts agree, including myself, that having window bird feeders actually prevents window collisions.

First, the bird feeder helps break up reflections the window causes.

Second, since the birds come to the feeder for food, it seems to train them that there is a window present!

Typically birds run into windows when they are spooked or startled by predators and trying to make a quick getaway and don’t realize there is a window in front of them. These reasons tend not to be an issue with window bird feeders since the birds are already so close to the window they already know it’s there.

Regardless, putting stickers on your windows is not a bad thing. If in doubt, try these from Window Alert.

What are your favorite window bird feeders?

Placing a few bird feeders directly on your windows will bring a lot of joy and fun into your home. There are many different options available, but this list of the best window bird feeders should provide a great start as you shop.

And I hope you didn’t skip over the seven tips for window feeder success. There are a few lessons in there that I had to learn the hard way.

Thanks for reading. Please share your success stories below.


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  1. Can you suggest a window mounted tray to place underneath a window mounted suet feeder. I can’t risk rats or an annoyed tenant below

  2. Hi, I live in the Netherlands and just bought a window feeder for my apartment building window. I live 2 high, across from a tiny street park with grass and trees, and behind the flat there are grassy area’s and backyards. A cute couple of magpies nest in the small park and some jackdaws come over to forage there periodically as well as pigeons. Behind the flat there are some small birds as well, so they are around. A flock of ring-necked parakeet flies over every now and then.
    What types of food would be best to offer to lure specific species? The smaller ones would be nice. I know nothing about birds, but since my chronic illness it would be nice to see some up close. I breed my own mealworms so there is always a fresh supply of those, can I offer those as well?

  3. I get treated to a complete view of a beautiful finch pecking on my window through this transparent window feeder by Nature’s hangout. It does not only provide many hours of enjoyment watching the birds up close but also provides a space for birds to eat freely without the worry of competing with bees or squirrels in the garden.

  4. This has been so unbelievably helpful thank you so much! Looking to get 2 or 3 window feeders for my son’s birthday (he’s obsessed with birds!) and I didn’t know where to start. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences.

  5. I recommend Bird House Window of Nature’s Hangout. I’ve tried many advertised “squirrel proof” feeders over the years, and this is the only one that actually keeps them out! I have it about 4 feet off the ground on my doors, and they can’t get near it! Meanwhile we have a steady stream of all types of birds, from cardinals to blue jays to woodpeckers to finches. I love that I can see them up close. Really great!

  6. Thank you for your time and work making all this good info available to anyone–I’m really grateful.
    I’m home-bound, elderly, a lover of birds and have 3 windows on 4th floor( in a great senior housing ap’t bldg overlooking our communal garden, the Merrimack River basin, Plum Island (Mass.), and—OH JOY THE GORGEOUS WILD BLUE ATLANTIC as my horizon! I can actually sit up in bed, look out my window AND SEE THE SUN RISE OVER THE OCEAN!!!!—-and because I ended up completely broke, I get this for a mo. rent of $183 HEATED!!!!
    And I want to find a way to feed different species with window feeders BUT I DON’T TRUST SUCTION CUPS. The hooks look promising—but THEY also seem to use suction cups!
    My ledge is 3.33″ and extends the full width of the metal 1/1 large window, Any suggestions, my new bird-friend? Love, Mary

    1. Hello Mary! Thank you for the kind comments. Sounds like you have a beautiful view! Unfortunately, other than suction cups I don’t know how you could hang a bird feeder from a window. I’m not very handy when it comes to these things. Maybe drill a pole permanently above the window that you could hang feeders from? good luck!