10 UNIQUE Hummingbird Feeders (#7 will make you laugh!)

Are you looking for a UNIQUE hummingbird feeder?

There are hundreds of choices for feeding these little pollinating birds. When you’re looking for a unique hummingbird feeder, you want to find something as interesting as the hummers themselves.

I created a list of my FAVORITES, but these options are just scratching the surface. Please make sure to leave a COMMENT at the end and link to your favorite unique hummingbird feeder!

10 Best Unique Hummingbird Feeders:

#1. Single Nectar DOTS

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Nectar DOTS are an ingenious product designed for easy hummingbird feeding.

This unique hummingbird feeder features small cups with a feeding port in the screw-on cap. You fill the cup with nectar, put the cap on, and watch the hummingbirds come for a drink!

This package comes with four cups so that you can keep one in the fridge for convenient fill-ups.   BEST UNIQUE FEATURE: Because the cups are so small and simple, you could literally put dozens of these around your yard with minimal effort!


#2. Triple Window Nectar DOTS

unique hummingbird feeder with window stand

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These are the same nectar DOTS as the ones above (feeder #1), with a holder that attaches to a window with three strong suction cups.  

The best part of this setup is how close you can get to the action. Fill the cups with nectar and place the holder on a window, and you have a front-row seat to hummingbirds enjoying a treat.  

The poly-lumber holder won’t fade in the sunlight, and it even includes a perch for hummingbirds to rest while they get a drink.  

BEST UNIQUE FEATURE: The simplicity of the DOTS cup design is combined with the close-up view of a window feeder!


#3. Perky-Pet Hummerbar

hummingbirds belly up to this unique hummingbird feeder

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The Hummerbar by Perky-Pet is the coolest hummingbird feeder on this list.

Instead of a vertical bottle or dish, it contains a long tube that has 22 feeding ports spaced along its length. The feeding ports are far enough away from one another that multiple hummingbirds can feed at once!

YouTube video

Assembling and filling the Hummerbar is surprisingly easy. The hanging cords attach to each end with an eyelet. Once your Hummerbar is hung horizontally, you can remove the stopper and fill it with nectar. Then, watch as the hummingbirds “belly up” to their new favorite bar!  

One complaint from customers is that the Hummerbar tends to leak if it’s not perfectly level. Keep this in mind when you consider whether this unique hummingbird feeder will work for you!  

BEST UNIQUE FEATURE: The horizontal shape allows tons of hummingbirds to feed at once!


#4. Hummingbird Bulb Feeder

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This unique hummingbird feeder doubles as an adorable decoration.

It’s shaped like a light bulb, with a feeding port built into the side. The cap unscrews, and the opening is wide enough to be filled easily. It can be hung from a tree with the loop in the cap, or since the bottom is flat, you can set it on a table or platform.  

Best of all, the glass bulb and feeding port are dishwasher-safe!  

BEST UNIQUE FEATURE: The lightbulb shape allows you to decorate your garden and feed your hummingbirds at the same time!


#5. Sweet Feeders Window Hummingbird Feeder

unique hummingbird feeders - small design, big impact

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This unique hummingbird feeder has a really innovative design!

Instead of a large reservoir with more than one feeding port, each port has its own small bottle! This is a perfect choice if you have only a few hummingbirds that visit. You don’t have to worry about wasting nectar because you only have to put out a little at a time.  

The frames are hand-made from thick wire and built to last. The sturdy suction cups attach to a window, which means you’ll have a great view of your visitors! You can choose a copper or aluminum frame, whichever fits your decor the best.  

BEST UNIQUE FEATURE: The 1-oz. bottles ensure you can feed multiple hummingbirds without wasting nectar!


#6. Triangle Swing Hummingbird Feeder

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The Triangle Swing hummingbird feeder combines two of the most popular products for hummingbirds: a dish feeder and a swing! You read that right – you can buy swings for hummingbirds to perch on!  

This design allows your hummingbird visitors to get a drink and rest in the same place.  

The minimalist design will look great in any garden, and the dish feeder is easy to clean! It’s made of durable polycarbonate with a brass frame, so it will last for years.  

BEST UNIQUE FEATURE: This decorative swing offers hummingbirds a place to eat and a perch to rest!


#7. ZUMMR Hummingbird Ring Feeder

a ring feeder is one of the most unique hummingbird feeders

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This unique hummingbird feeder will get you super close!

A tiny reservoir for nectar is attached to a ring, which you can wear on your finger. If you stay still, with a bit of luck, you may get a hummingbird to come right up and say hello.

YouTube video

Although quite a few colors are available, I recommend sticking to the RED flower. It will attract more hummingbirds than any other color.

Zummr also offers the above trainer stand for its ring feeders, which can help hummingbirds get comfortable with the design. Then, once they’ve begun to drink from the ring, you can start to wear it!  

BEST UNIQUE FEATURE: Feeding hummingbirds with a ring feeder guarantees you an up-close look at these fantastic birds!


#8. Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder

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This 8 oz window hummingbird feeder is one of the best unique hummingbird feeders available. You get the chance to watch hummingbirds while you’re drinking coffee from your kitchen window!

Here are some of the reasons that I LOVE this feeder:

  • It’s easy to take the hinged top off, clean, and refill with nectar.
  • Since it has a simple dish design, the nectar can’t leak out and make your window sticky and gross.
  • I have had no issues with the feeder sticking to my window. I think it helps a lot that it is so small and light and also has two suction cups.
  • It includes three feeding ports AND perches for the hummingbirds to sit and eat. Once the hummers found this feeder (it took a few days), they visited it a few times every day.
  • It even includes an ant moat! 

YouTube video

Check out Scott’s video review of the Aspects Jewel Box ABOVE.

It’s my favorite feeder on this list, and it’s truly the “Goldilocks” of unique hummingbird feeders. It’s not too small or large, it has everything included, and the window mounting guarantees you won’t miss any of the action.  

BEST UNIQUE FEATURE: EVERYTHING! 🙂 From the perfect size, ease of cleaning, and practical design, this is a unique hummingbird feeder that I HIGHLY recommend.


#9. Netvue Birdfy Hummingbird Feeder Camera

hummingbird feeder camera

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This option is definitely the most fun hummingbird feeder!

If you look at the picture above, you will see that the Netvue Birdfy Hummingbird Feeder has a camera built directly into the design. This camera allows you to watch YOUR hummingbirds directly from your phone! 🙂

The app makes it easy to record or capture interesting moments that can be shared quickly and easily. In addition, you can set up notifications to be alerted every time a hummingbird comes to the feeder.

The camera is 1080p, which gives incredibly clear video and pictures of the hummers that visit! Please note the feeder must be close enough to your house to connect to your Wifi to work.

YouTube video

One negative to this hummingbird feeder is that you have to recharge the batteries in the camera periodically. Netvue says that their battery lasts up to 6 months, but this will vary depending on how many birds visit your bird feeding station. But they also have the option to buy a small solar panel, which continuously charges the battery for you (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

#10. Plant a hummingbird garden!

So, I know this isn’t technically a hummingbird feeder that you can buy.  

But hummingbird flowers are, in my opinion, the best hummingbird feeder you can have! There are no parts to clean and no messy nectar to mix and replace. But best of all, you will have bright, colorful blooms to enjoy along with the hummingbirds! 

unique hummingbird feeders - flowers are effective!

In general, here are some traits that make an excellent hummingbird flower:

  • LOTS of nectar for the hummingbirds to eat.
  • Tubular-shaped flowers don’t allow other pollinators, like bees and butterflies, to access the nectar.
  • The color RED. Hummingbirds are most attracted to red flowers.
  • NATIVE to your area. Hummingbirds also eat bugs, which prefer native plants.

  For information on creating your hummingbird garden, check out this article!

What’s your favorite unique hummingbird feeder?

Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. I love all these feeders, although sticking a feeder to my window is not a good idea as I have 13 cats and they would literally go crazy and they would scare the birds. I’ve always wanted a ring feeder and the ones you showed are really cool.